Amazon FBA-Z spreadsheet


The above link is free access to my personal Amazon sheet where I track my balances and purchases each month. Just follow the simple steps below to get it up and running, and feel free to make any tweaks that help you.

  1. Download the file
  2. Log into googledocs online and select the sheets option
  3. Open a blank sheet
  4. Go to File (top left) > Open > find where you have downloaded the sheet
  5. Once opened this should store to you google drive and you can open it from any of your devices


Above is the first page. I use this to keep a rough track of the money in my business and where it currently is. On the first of each month I just fill in each section. Obviously you may not have things like credit cards or loans so just leave those blank.

As you fill this in over the coming months you will be able to see on the ‘business growth’ tab how financially your business is doing. This is just a rough guide to keep on track and I obviously use accounting software to keep an accurate check.


This does what it says on the tin, each month enter any of your expenses. I have included the majority that I think people may have, but you can delete any you don’t use or add anything you do.

Again, this just helps you have a quick glance each month and see if your expenses are creeping up or where you can cut back If you need to etc.


Currently the month tab shows ‘Jan’

At the end of the month simply right click this and select ‘hide sheet’

Then click on the 3 lines next to the plus sign on the bottom left of the sheet where you will see every other month selected. You just click and it will load that tab. You can have them all open all year if you wish but I prefer to keep it neat and just show what I’m currently using.

The columns are fairly self explanatory

  • Date: Just click this and a calendar pops up for you to select the date
  • Store Purchased: ie Argos
  • Product Name: Name of the product and I usually add ‘3 pack’ etc if its to be sold as a multiple
  • ASIN: The amazon asin so you can easily add to your shipment when it arrives
  • Website: The amazon URL for the product, so where you’ll be selling it
  • Buy Cost: How much you paid
  • Sell Cost: What the current sell price is on Amazon
  • Current Profit: The current profit if you were to buy and sell at the prices available now
  • Breakeven: The lowest you can sell for without making a loss after fees, vat etc should you need to.
  • Tick the boxes when stock arrives so you can keep track that you are receiving what you’ve paid for an also if its a replen to remind you to copy it over to the replen sheet.

This may seem overkill but I use the above info in my skus so that I can easily reprice at a later date without having to go back and find prices. This is how I personally do my sku’s


Once you’ve done all this and added the buy cost it will work out the total spend, this will also auto populate over to the ‘expenses’ tab. Again this is just to give you an over view on how much you are spending on stock. Ideally you want to be growing this monthly, as by spending more on stock, you will have more units, which means more sales and profit.


You don’t need to do anything on this tab, it will auto populate when you fill in the balance sheet and will hopefully show your business growing month by month. It’s just really something to see the actual growth and how well you are doing. If one month you had huge growth then it slowed down, you can jump back to that month and see what you did differently, did you buy more stock? Have lower expenses etc.

If you download and use it please let me know how you get on, I’m always tweaking it so may release updates through the year if people wanted but for now I think it covers the basics and should help get people a little organised.

I think the rest of the tabs explain themselves but if you do have any questions, just drop me a message via the contact form, email or straight to me on Instagram and I’ll be happy to answer

Thanks for reading if you made it this far and if you do download and use the sheet.