Bookkeeping & Accounting for Amazon FBA Made Easy

If you have any small business you will know what a headache accounting can be. Personally at the end of last year I had not long registered for VAT and my accounts needed doing ready for this first VAT quarter. The whole thing was daunting, I basically had a stack of receipts I had let pile up and put off for months (Back to February to be precise)

I ordered a folder with 12 pockets in, one for each month and photographed each and every receipt and then filed them into the correct pocket of the folder. I now had all of my receipts on my computer scanned in monthly folders and organised, finally.

I had heard of a software that automates Amazon bookkeeping by pulling in all of the reports and automating it for you but had put off using it as my accountant used a software which wasn’t compatible. I couldn’t get on with this software and so decided to pay the extra and sign up for Xero and Linkmybooks.

Rather than write an essay on it ,I’ve finally dusted off the youtube channel I made but was to nervous to upload on, so please give it a watch and hopefully it will help even if it’s just to be a little more organised and not make the mistake I did of leaving a huge backlog.

As always, any questions please just ask.

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