Hi there my name is Susan. My background is in graphic design but around 10 years ago, I left my full time job and started making money online myself, I have done various things, some more successful than others, but I haven’t really looked back since.

I decided in 2019 to begin documenting my journey and the ways I have made (and failed) to make money and to try and help and inspire others with ideas and help them do the same. I started doing this on Instagram, with the aim to start a blog too, and here we finally are.

I hope to inspire and help others make money wether it’s a little on the side, or something you can eventually turn into a full time career. I am 100% transparent and share not only the wins but the losses and errors too. We can always learn from mistakes and progress from them.

If you are reading this, thank you and if you ever want a chat I will do my best to help, the quickest way is to drop me a DM on instagram, but I check emails regularly too.

“I truly believe ANYONE can make extra money online”

*Please Note*

I am not a financial advisor or accountant. Anything on this site is just my personal experience and opinion. For financial matters please always consult a professional.