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10 simple ways to get 2021 off to a productive start.

So, 2020 is finally behind us and what better way to start 2021 than being organised and getting things in place ready to tackle the year ahead. Here are 10 things I have done and recommend to help get the year off to the best start possible.

Here’s what I have done:

  1. Tidied my office space, filed away all of last years receipts and made sure everything is in place ready to go. I always find I am much more productive if I have a clean office space. (Sneak peak below)
  2. Sorted out direct debits – I have gone through all of my direct debits and cancelled any I don’t use, changed over any I can save money on for the same or a better service which will save me £££s before I’ve even started the new year.
  3. Set my goals for the year. Goals don’t have to be huge, they can literally be a note in your phone but set some tangible weekly/monthly/quarterly targets that you can see how you are doing against through the year. The small wins add up quickly.
  4. Declutter – We are all guilty of having too much stuff lying around the house at times and what better time than to start the year. You can even make money doing this, you’ll be surprised what you find in drawers, old phones, cameras, consoles, computer games that are actually worth quite a bit of money – You can sell these on eBay, marketplace or even on local groups.
  5. Plan – I find working from home it’s easy to procrastinate, so every weekend I plan the week ahead and time block it out so it’s structured and I know exactly what I need to be doing. If you are an Amazon seller I have a free spreadsheet on my ‘FREE STUFF’ tab that you can download to keep track of your purchases and balances, please feel free to download it and tweak it to suit your own setup.
  6. Organise your phone apps. Delete ones you don’t need, that you waste too much time on and group the ones you do into folders.
  7. Plan your social media or blogs in advance – just a rough plan of the kind of topics you want to cover, a schedule of when to release content etc.
  8. Get a password app – This allows you to be secure and not using the same password all the time but easy to pull up the ones you need to be able to log in quickly. I use an app called ‘Keeper’ for mine.
  9. Sort out emails. I am guilty of having thousands of emails as I just ignore spam and newsletters etc. I have set up folders for different things like ‘accountant’ ‘receipts’ ‘need to take action on’ and am going to start either deleting or moving emails straight to the relevant folders.
  10. Podcasts – I have set up some subscriptions to podcasts I think I’ll either enjoy or will help me learn and grow which will auto download each week and I can listen to when driving or working.

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